Which fitness trackers to purchase if you are on a budget

To put in a nutshell, it may not be the most ideal fitness tracker you can purchase, yet it has a simple design and light enough for you to wear throughout the day.

Honor Band 5

Similar to other cheap fitness trackers, the Honor Band 5 comes with a low price but it is also a good band and an upgrade from the Honor Band 4. It is waterproof to 5ATM so that you can wear it while going to swimming. Moreover, the device can track all types of activities such as running, cycling and working out.

Of course, with such price, the device can only work as a pedometer and the Honor Band 5 does everything well with correct step tracking.

There is also a heart rate monitor and sleep tracking functionality, with everything provided in a more detailed manner than the Honor Band 4. You can receive up to a week of battery life with normal use so that you do not need to take it off for charging when you go to sleep.

Last but not least, the design is normal while the screen is rather sluggish. But it is worth investing if you are on a budget.

Xiaomi Mi Band 4

This is among the cheapest fitness trackers that you can find on the market. But it is not the worst one. The device has the capability of checking a lot of workouts while providing you a fashionable look.

The tracker comes with a battery life that can last even a month according to how much you are going to use it whereas there is also a wide variety of integrated fitness technologies. There is no GPS but it does have a heart rate monitor and tracking features for your daily exercises.

Different from the last versions of the Xiaomi Mi Band, this device has a color display by which you can install some lovely watch faces to turn your tracker into a more stylish device instead of just using a black and white screen.

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