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Tips to switch from iPhone to Android

If you can go with lower quality, Google provides you with unlimited photo storage. If you want to upload the originals, they will take up your space.

Step 1: Use Google Drive

The Google Drive platform makes it less difficult to move three types of data from iOS to Android, including your contacts, your calendar and your camera roll. You just need to install the app, log in your Google Account or create another one if you want and then visit Settings and Backup. If you do not want to back up a specific file or data, like the calendar, you can turn it off from here.

You should focus more on the photo section, as there are two choices here. If you want to upload your images in original quality, they will take up Google Drive space. If you choose High Quality instead the lower quality, the difference is difficult to be noticed and you can get unlimited storage for your photos.

Convert your contacts

If you do not like using the Google app, you can export your contacts from your computer in a manual manner. If you use iCloud sync for your data, you can sign in the website and export data directly from this site.

In order to export your contacts, you can visit the Contacts section and find the gear icon at the bottom left of the screen. You just need to Click it, opt for Select All then click again and choose Export vCard. This will download a vCard file to your PC.

From there, you go sign in You can see the Import link at the bottom left of the screen. You click on this to choose the vCard file you just downloaded. If you did not clean your contacts before exporting them, you can fix any copies by clicking on Merge and Fix option. Google will then scan your contacts to check if there are any copies and keep the updated contact information for you. This is really convenient later when you want to find someone’s phone number.

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