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Tips to make your Internet speed faster

You can also track your Internet connections in real time by using widely available tools.

Choose an Internet provider with the quickest speeds

If you have not searched for different deals when choosing an Internet vendor, it is ideal for you to look into your options. Competition between vendors is really competitive and blazing speeds are what they aim at, which you can see from the growth of 5G.

The speed you can get will be different according to the region you are living, yet some cities in the United States and United Kingdom now have gigabit connections. You may not have approach to such fast connections but looking for the broadband deals can help you find an affordable provider providing you with a good speed of connection.

 Test your speeds regularly or even monitoring it in real time

The first step to make your Wi-Fi speed faster is understanding it. You can start by searching for the speed test to know how to do this. For the best results, you can use a computer linked to the router through a wired connection.

After that, you can test your speed with another device, like a smart phone to make comparison. When you test through Wi-Fi, you should test near the router without walls or obstructions. After making that test, you can decide whether the speeds you are using adapt to your demands. You can move around your space and try from another distance to know where your Wi-Fi network is not fast.

 Compare the speeds to your contract with the vendor

You should check the download and upload speeds in what the provider advertised and in your contract. If you are not satisfied, you can ask them to upgrade your plan. However, if they are not the same, you should visit the provider to tell them your problems. If they do not fix your issues, you should find another provider.

Check if your vendor is experience problems

If you have seen a sudden drop in speed, it may be attributed to your Internet vendors. There are a lot of reasons here, so you should check your status page for any known outages or call for help.

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