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Tips to change your Twitter password or reset it

As you may have known, Twitter is a microblogging and social networking service with more than 180 million users currently.

Most companies doing their services online have a Twitter account. With good password management rules in mind, you can make sure that your Twitter account will never be hacked.

Such high-profile and vulnerable Twitter attacks, like when celebrities or influencers’ accounts are hacked, have motivated people to be highly aware of their password security. When it comes to this, scammers took advantage of social engineering to get user credentials from Twitter staff. It is also highly recommended to change your Twitter password regularly to prevent hackers from knowing your password.

Twitter provides applications for iOS and Android, and the task of changing your password is different from each other. You can keep reading the following post to know more clearly.

How to change your Twitter password

In order to change your Twitter password, you can start by clicking on More in the main menu, which is located on the left of the interface. Then you will see a secondary menu from which you can choose Settings and privacy.

The one you are looking for will turn up on the right of the screen. You will then be guided to the Change Password page. You need to type your existing password and then enter your new password twice. It is better to use a difficult-to-guess password. Finally, you choose Save and your Twitter password will be sent to your new choice.

How to reset your Twitter password

If you have forgotten your Twitter password, you should click Forgot password? on the front page. You will be required to type your email, phone number and username. Then you choose Continue to receive a password reset link to your email address. You need to click this link when you get it.

After that, you type your new password twice. A good password should have letters, numbers and punctuation marks so that others can not guess yours. Finally, you click Submit to change your password.

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