Review Lightworks – the best editing suite

Lightworks is a truly powerful free video editing software, coming with many tools of high quality that will make your clips become distinctive. It works quickly, flexibly and when you are familiar with its unusual workflow, you will find that the platform is truly easy to get used to.

No matter what type of project you are thinking of, Lightworks can help you achieve what you want. if you just want to trim a video to the preferred size, or connect different short sections before uploading them to your Facebook, Lightworks’ timeline can get you through this job within a few moments. When you finish, Lightworks has available profiles for you to export your work in the right format for your chosen site to share video.

Similarly, if you are working on your own short film and are in need of a high-quality tool, Lightworks provides you with everything you want to produce the best results. You can give your footage a perfect look with effects and filters. Also, complicated rendering and encoding processes occur in the background so that you can keep on working until completion.

User experience

For many outstanding features, you may need to take time to learn everything about Lightworks.

Firstly, you can get started by making a project and setting up a frame rate for the final video, maybe 30 frame per seconds or 60 frame per seconds. After that, you can start working. With Lightworks, users are able to record video directly from cameras and import current clips. When you have got all the resources required, you can begin to add them to your timeline in order to create your first project. It may be rather confusing for the first time, but you may be happy with the results after some time of experimenting.

Lightworks comes with a lot of advanced real time effects by which you can make your video wonderful, such as color correction, blurs and masks. There are also a lot of preset effects or you can create your own ones in a manual way.

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