Pure Air Electric Scooter Review

It used to be rather difficult to suggest the best electric scooter for someone who was finding a vehicle because there were only a few different options, yet the Pure Air turns out to be an ideal recommendation. This should be the first scooter you can think of.

The Pure Air is a standard version of the Pure Air Pro, which was introduced to the market one month before, and it is still the best entry-level electric scooter on the current market.

For the price, the Pure Air is rather cheap for such an electric scooter, which costs only 399 pounds, thus it is a good choice for those who are looking for their first vehicle but do not want to pay through the nose on a more costly mid-range or top-end ride while still receiving different features and good design elements.

The most prominent point of the Pure Air may be its reliable and sturdy build. It comes with suspension, large wheels along with well-built handles for riders to feel safe when riding. The safety is even more important during nighttime, so the manufacturer has included an adjustable front light, as well as one on the back and reflectors on the wheel. It is rather fast to charge and easy to use, which makes it an ideal choice for those who are still not familiar with riding electric scooters.

In addition, the Pure Air comes with different speed modes reaching up to 15 miles per hour, the limitation of speed for scooters in the United Kingdome. Of course, choosing to travel at the top speed will reduce your distance, and the scooter is not able to deal with hills.

Another problem found on the Pure Air model is its weight, at 16.5 kilograms. Therefore, it is quite difficult to carry around after being folded down. Apart from those minor problems, the Pure Air is still a fantastic ride, and it can handle well many problems found on the Pure Air Pro. To sum up, if you are finding an entry-level scooter, why don’t take a look at Pure Air Electric Scooter?

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