Jabca Elite 45h review

Having formed its credentials as a company for the very best true wireless earbuds, Jabra has now focused mainly on the wireless on-ear headphones. The Elite 45h model from this brand is a replacement from the manufacturer’s Move Style wireless on ears, and their use of colossal battery life, outstanding specs and high quality of sound has made them become among the top choice on the market.

Costing just 79 US dollars or 69 pounds, Jabra Elite 45h has been integrated with Bluetooth 5 connectivity, 40-mm dynamic drivers and physical controls all in just one on-ear frame. Regarding the design, faux leather and memory foam as well as good-class plastic have generated a comfortable feeling to use. However, the earpads may become rather hot quickly.

In addition, there is also voice control available from such assistants as Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and Siri. The Sound Plus control platform can get you through a general hearing test in order to set up exactly how the EQs need to be set to be suitable for your ears.

Regarding 50 hours of battery life after a single charge, there are very few headphones on the market that can do this for such a price. And the Jabra headphones are even able to go 10 hours more after just 15 minutes of charge via the USB-C port.

But in feeling experience, there is no special point here. The plastics are a little bit hard and the padding on the headband is really thin. However, the context should be concerned more, and with the price, it should not be complaint too much. And even though the materials are not highly recommended, the Jabra headphones are built in a proper manner, fold pretty much flat and feel like they can stand up to a lot of careless use.

Last but not least the Elite 45h sound truly good for such a price. The headphones are managed in a punchy way in order to make them sound effectively for anyone considering such an affordable and reasonable cost. Thus, this pair of headphones is worth a try.

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